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The Duke of Edinburgh Award

DofE LogoBy undertaking the DofE, your students are in for an amazing adventure and masses of fun as they take part in a range of activities, all leading to the achievement of an Award that’s recognised by universities and employers alike.

Most elements of the award can be achieved through careful planning and organising from a competent leader however the expedition element can prove a challenge for your staff if they are not qualified or experienced enough to train and lead the students. This is an area that Cornwall Outdoors excels in delivering high quality training for your DofE students in both walking and canoe/kayak expeditions.

Cornwall Outdoors DofE Services

Cornwall Outdoors can provide expedition training and assessments for your students on foot and by canoe and kayak. Teams need to be group sizes of between four and seven in any expedition team (eight if you’ve chosen to travel by tandem canoe). We will assist your students in their planning and provide some fun training to make sure they’re fully prepared and know what they’re doing. We can even provide the canoes and kayaks if this is required.


DofE - Expeditions by Canoe or Kayak.

Do you fancy doing a water based expedition?

Sea Kayak expedition preparation

We have qualified supervisors who can guide you through the 20 conditions required for the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme. We can oversee your expedition planning as well as carry out your training to bring your skills up to the standard required. Do not worry if you have never paddled, as the DofE program is all about experiencing and learning new skills.

The DofE Award scheme consists of three levels; Bronze, Silver and Gold. There is a requirement for candidates to undertake an expedition element within each of these levels. 

Canoe expedition training

The expedition can be undertaken using various means of transport, as it is about journeying through the countryside. We believe that Kayaking and Canoeing are a great way to achieve the expedition element.

The length of the expedition for each of the awards lengthens according to the required award, as follows:

For more information on canoe or kayak expeditions contact: Mark Peters


DofE Walking Expeditions

DofE Walking ExpeditionsIf you want to take on the most accessible mode of transport available to most DofE students then you cannot go wrong with a walking expedition. Our Delaware Centre has extensive experience of training walkers in the art of expeditioning across all terrains from the coastal paths and countryside of Cornwall, Dartmoor or even the Brecon Beacons.

Our training programme will include cooking on stoves, camp craft, risk assessments, route planning, first aid, equipment and navigation in remote areas. We can provide supervised walks, remote supervision on training and then the follow up supervison for your assessment days. All levels of the award scheme from bronze to gold can be covered in an areas of your choosing however below we identify our suggested areas for each level of expedition.

  • Bronze - 2 days, one night - Cornwall Coast and Hills
  • Silver - 3 days, two nights - Dartmoor
  • Gold - 4 days, three nights - Dartmoor/Brecon Beacons

For more information on walking expeditions contact: Dougie Bruce


What to do next?

If you are interested in choosing Cornwall Outdoors as providers for either your expedition training and assessments please choose a contact from the contact list in the right-hand column.

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