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Questions are free to ask at any point by phone, email or in person. It might be that someone has already asked the question. Here are few that others have asked before. We hope you find them useful, if not contact us whenever you like.

What specialist equipment should I purchase ahead of the course?

It would be well worth holding off for as long as possible before making any major purchases, other than some good waterproofs, boots, socks and similar. We can provide the essentials until you have built up an informed decision about what is required, it might save you some cash in the long run.

How should I apply for the course?

We ask that all potential applicant s complete our 'Course application form: pdf - docx'. You can either print and send by post with your deposit or send electronically and follow up with a cheque.

How should I pay the deposit?

A cheque (made payable to: Cornwall Council) is preferable to bank transfer for the initial deposit. 

Can I pay the course fees in instalments?

Yes, we are fully open to instalment plans. Our accounts department will invoice you for the full course costs ahead of the course. You will then be able to arrange payment for the course with the accounts department over  the duration of the course.

How many people will there be on the course?

To ensure the quality of our delivery we aim to run with a maximum of six candidates. As our focus is to get everybody through to assessments by course-end we find that keeping the numbers low, means that we can give maximum attention to our clients.

Is there help to find employment at the end of the course?

Throughout the course you will be exposed to multiple industry-specific venues and introduced to their managers and staff as a potential employee of the future. Your exposure to the outdoor industry will be on-going rather than a bolt-on service at the end of the course. We will similarly be able to assist you in linking up to other providers in the local area and providing a reference should this be needed. We do not advertise recruitment services as our USP, as it happens by virtue of being on the course. If we can help in a specific way then we certainly will.

Are these awards suitable for working abroad?

It very much depends what country you are planning to work in. The way that is generally accepted is that if you are working for a UK company based in a foreign country then they will take your UK NGB award as a foundation and then give you ‘local sign-off’ to do a specific activity under their insurance. 

For extended working periods it may well be beneficial to be re-assessed under the representative organisation of that country. The skills required for each activity will be very similar in each country and so assessment should be straight-forward to arrange.

How easy is it to find local accommodation?

As many of our clients are temporarily relocating to Cornwall to attend the course we appreciate that sourcing accommodation can be awkward to achieve and so we provide a ‘free’ 4-week accommodation package in our basic bunk-house ‘dormitory’ accommodation with Kitchen and Showers and wifi. We anticipate that this period is long enough for you to source local better accommodation. We have found that provides good quality local short term room lets (Search ‘Gunnislake’ to get some ideas).

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