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Introduction to rock climbing course

Outdoor rock climbing is the natural and progressive step after learning to climb indoors. The skills are similar but the environment and exhilaration of completing your first graded rock climb combine to make climbing outdoors so satisfying.

Introduction to Rock Climbing

Our one-day and  two-day beginners courses is aimed at anybody new to climbing, either indoors or outdoors and would like to learn the fundamental elements of outdoor rock climbing in a structured and supportive atmosphere.

Our unique location, near to Kit Hill, Bodmin Moor and Dartmoor provides many suitable venues in which to explore your climbing talents. Our qualified and experienced instructors will be able to seek suitable and varied venues, according to your location, needs and desires. Our Introduction to rock climbing courses are suitable for complete beginners, right up those who have climbed indoors but would like to extend their learning onto real rock.

Introduction to Rock Climbing Course content:

  • Climbing equipment including; harness, helmet, rock shoes, ropes and belay devices
  • Climbing grades
  • Climbing movement skills on real rock
  • Tying rope into the harness
  • Belaying and lowering
  • Climbing guide books
  • Basic rope anchor systems
  • Abseiling

Course Schedule

One-Day Course We will look at essential top-roping skills, movement on rock, belaying, associated risks and their management. 

Two-day Course We will consolidate and improve on the skills learnt on the one-day course and extend your learning by examining simple and safe top-rope anchor systems and abseiling skills.

Note: Should you and the other candidates feel ready for more advanced skills, like lead-climbing then we can introduce the next steps on the second day of the two-day course. Alternatively book yourself onto our introduction to lead climbing on rock course.

Prices per Day

We can provide courses for any number of days but a one day course is ideal to learn or brush up on the basic skills needed to get you moving on rock. 

1-6 people = £300

Introduction to rock climbing course

Climbing Instructor ratio

We see that operating with a small instructor to client ratio is the safest and quickest way to learn the essential skills required to remain safe on the hill. That is why we only work to a maximum of 1:6 Instructor:Client.

Equipment Required

We will provide any equipment that you require as part of the course. Please let us know your waist and shoe size when booking. All participants can do this through the booking form. 

Note: If you have your own climbing shoes, helmet, harness or belay plate then please bring them along for discussion and perhaps your own comfort. 

The weather cannot necessarily be predicted so please bring suitable clothing that will keep you warm and dry in most weathers. As outdoor rock climbing venues are often remote we recommend a comfortable and sturdy footwear for walking to and from the climbing areas. Bring a packed lunch and plenty to drink.

Pre-requisite Fitness Levels

Providing that you feel fit enough to climb then you probably are. We would appreciate however that you confidentially inform your instructor of any injuries or pre-existing medical conditions that may affect your ability to participate. This may help the instructor gauge your ability more effectively and to improve your overall enjoyment  of the course.

How to Book

You can book onto the Introduction to Rock Climbing Course by contacting the Delaware Outdoor Education Centre directly or by completing the attached form link below and returning by email or post. Note: All participants will need to complete the application form. 


Paul Seymour
Delaware Outdoor Education Centre
Tel: 01822 833885

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