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Campfire safety


Using outdoor fires with young people can provide an exciting and versatile focus for outdoor learning.  There is, understandably, a concern over potential risks associated with using fires. In addition there are basic skills and knowledge required to fully realise the potential of using fires. We are now offering a one day course addressing these considerations, laying down fundamental procedures for managing group fire activities as well as enhancing the skills and confidence of practitioners.

Course content

Preparing the hearth: basic fire safety; risk-benefit assessment; fire site layout; location considerations; safe preparation and management; essential fire safety equipment; group management and protocols.

Getting the spark: fuel selection and preparation; fire lighting; fire lays and management; extinguishing fires; poor weather considerations.

Stoking the flames: using fire for engaging learning and personal development; fire and the curriculum; outdoor cooking; making charcoal; storytelling.

Watching the embers: A chance to review and reflect

Dates: by arrangement at your convenience

Times: 9.00 am till 4.00 pm

Venue: Tehidy Country Park, Camborne

Cost: On application

Course Code: CLO38

Book online via and search course code CLO38

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