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The Delaware Centre is proud of it's diverse range of activities. We are even prouder of our exceptionally adventurous guests and for their generous donation of their images for our web pages. We hope that they inspire you to get involved and have some fun.

A relaxing day canoeing on Kit Hill pond

A day out canoeing on the River Tamar

Gorge walking in Dartmoor National Park

Raft games by open canoe

Close to nature on Dartmoor

Bushcraft popcorn

Rock Climbing at Kit Hill

Rock Climbing at Kit Hill

Moorland exploration on Kings Tor, Dartmoor

<imgstyle="display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; border-radius: 10px; width: 600px; height:400px;" src="/media/2258/delaware-gallery-4.jpg?width=600&height=400" title="NICAS at the Delaware Climbing Centre" alt="NICAS at the Delaware Climbing Wall" rel="4207" />

Fun gorge walking

Traverse wall games at the Delaware indoor climbing centre

Raft building escape plan

Canadian Open Canoeing paddle games

Precision lowering after a hard climb

Archers re-enactment of the the Battle of Agincourt

Helping hand gorge-walking

Climbing the overhanging buttress at the Delaware Centre

Overcoming the infamous cheese-grater at Kings Tor, Dartmoor

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