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Gallery of experiences

Our gallery of experiences here at Carnyorth Outdoor Education Centre is as diverse as the countryside that surrounds us. We have the ocean, moors, coastal paths and our garden. Each part of our local environment brings its very own magic to the days out with our guests.

If you would like to donate a picture that sums up your stay at the Carnyorth Outdoor Education Centre please contact the head of Centre. In the meantime please enjoy our gallery of experiences.

Coastal path art day

Canoe launching teamwork

Canoeing in Mounts Bay

Coracle building

Harbour wall jump

Sit-on-top kayaking

Sit-on-top kayaking

Paddling a home made coracle

Pond dipping in Carnyorth's garden

Kayaking raft games

Team building games

Knotted rope problem solving game

Team building games

Harbour wall jumping

Leap of faith

Rafted canoes on Mounts Bay

Solar powered boats in Carnyorth's garden

Making good combined paddle strokes

Rafted canoe journey

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