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Mobile Team

Mobile Team

Shelter Building

This is a practical session looking at the design and construction of emergency or temporary shelters. Pupils will look at shape, size and proportion and will build a variety of different shelters using different materials.  

They will then have the opportunity to evaluate their construction. 

Problem Solving

Through a range of scenarios you can explore different situations that can only be solved through effective team work and communication.  

In a practical, innovative and enjoyable style the activity can be designed to suit your needs. 


Using a range of orienteering courses students will be introduced to navigational skills through the use of maps and compasses.  The course can be used in school or the local area and gives students the basic skills needed to navigate along with developing team building skills and effective communication. 


Fancy a session of the ancient art of archery? our instructors can come to your school or suitable venue and set up our mobile archery range.

Along with the necessary safety and we can teach you the skills you will need and also introduce games and curiiculum challenges.

how about booking this for a sports day, an open day or a community event?





All of the above activities will be provided by qualified staff at your school or a location of your choice. 


To book or for further information please contact Mandy Richards

T: 01872 326360