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Day Activities

Planning your camp activities at Porthpean Outdoor Education Centre starts with a browse of what is on offer. It may be that we can advise you of a great programme but having an idea before you call will make for a successful outcome.

Porthpean day activities

If you are simply with us for the day, then we can offer you exactly the same experiences, browse the activities below and get in touch. 

The following list of bullets will take you to a description of each activity:

Beach Day

This is a proper, 'get wet and experience life' day.  The day is split in to two halves with students having the choice between different activities which can include, (weather dependent); sit on top kayaking; rafted canoes; coastal traversing; or sailing.  All activities meet up for lunch on the beach before changing around.

High speed power boat ride

Coastal Traversing

Starting with a speedboat ride to one of the local beaches you will then make your way back, either swimming, climbing, jumping or low level traversing. Very physical great fun.

Coastal traversing

Kayaking and Canoeing

Paddle your way around a selection of secluded Cornish beaches on both canoes and kayaks. Discover the wildlife, enjoy the scenery and challenge yourself.

Canoe or Kayak session

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High Ropes

With a number of different challenges this half or full day activity session has almost unlimited possible outcomes.  Challenge the individual or the whole team.

High ropes, leap of faith

We guarantee that the adrenaline will be flowing and everyone will have an opportunity to challenge and surprise themselves.

High ropes team challenges

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Archery is a challenging Olympic sport with a huge history and tradition.  It demands concentration combined with excellent hand-eye coordination.  Modern bows and technology make the task slightly easier than that faced by our forefathers but the challenge nevertheless remains get your arrows on target.  This is a unique sport with its own attractions and demands.

Target Archery

If you are not on a residential visit, then book us for your sports day , open day or community day. we have a mobile archery team who can come to you with all the equipment necessary.

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Cycling and Problem Solving

Cycling and Problem solving compliment each other in our school residential program with half the day spent on each.


Our cycling sessions will be pitched at the ability level of your group. Sessions may involve learning to ride a bike for the first time or cycling off road on local cycle trails. We start with a skills assessment on an obstacle course before an on-site or off-site destination is decided upon. Enjoyment is the key here but with a very clear focus on safety and achievement for everyone.

Cycling skills assessment

Problem solving.

builds team work and improves communication skills (as well as patience). some of the challenges are physical whist others challenge the mind, therefore including all of the groups abilities allowing different participants to shine.

Problem Solving

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Our large indoor climbing wall has a wide variety of challenging climbs starting with some easier routes then as confidence builds participants will have the opportunity to challenge themselves more and more as the difficulty is increased.

Climbing at Porthpean

Climbing wall at Porthpean

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Begin to learn the art of map reading as you navigate your way around Porthpean center to collect letters that will make up an anagram that must be solved.

Learn to interpret the symbols and shapes on the map and read them as you would a book. Experiment in the safety of the grounds and practice aids to navigation such as hand railing or pacing.If your group is more advanced we can accommodate that with our off site orienteering course which is laid out on the nearby Black Head.

Orienteering at Porthpean Centre

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Shelter Building

This is a practical session looking at the design and construction of emergency or temporary shelters. For accessibility and conservation these sessions are generally based around utilising materials such as tarpaulins, poles and strings, however wooded areas can bring along a variety of new ideas. Discussion on the sessions will consider and explore other materials that could be used and found in more remote environments. Pupils will be encouraged to look at location, shape, size and proportion and will build a variety of different shelters using different materials. 

Shelter building, using anything you can find

On completion of each design the participants will then have the opportunity to evaluate their construction. If in any doubt as to which design is the best we can always introduce the 'Water Test' with the confident participants huddled under their construction.

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Caving - New For 2019

This is an experience like no other. Our bespoke artificial caving system brings alive the excitement of a journey underground in a safe and controlled environment.

Caving system

Come along and negotiate narrow passageways and move through undulating tunnels.  With this exhilarating, if not sometimes daunting activity being added to our range of experiences, we look forward to offering you an exploration of the “unknown”. Caving can be experienced as part of one of our Multi Activity Days or can be book alone as a half-day session.

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Stand Up Paddle Boarding - New

The new phenomenon that has swept the world is now also available at Porthpean Centre. We hire out paddle-boards from the beach and you can also try them out on our Wet n Wild Activity Day. Experience the thrill of traveling over the water in a safe, easy, and relaxed way with the best vantage point for scanning the water and the coast for wildlife life.

Stand up paddleboarding

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