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Artificial Caving

Now available for sessions, parties and / or team building, Porthpean OEC are pleased to introduce the largest artificial caving system this side of Bristol.

Artificial caving

Comprising of just over 80 meters of tunnels, rises, drops and chambers through which you can navigate using any of the 4 varying difficulties of dedicated routes.

Take in the stalagmites, stalactites, fossils and cave paintings whilst negotiating the turns and squeezes, safe in the knowledge that you are always in close proximity to any one of the 7 entrances and/or exits.

Add to your experience by trying our Riddle of the Runes, collecting strategically placed runes as you go.  Can you work out their message?

Equipped with helmets and head torches, crawl and slide through the latest edition to the Porthpean portfolio of activities."

Artificial caving

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