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Young Navigator Star Award (YNSA)


The focus of the Young Navigator Awards is to encourage exploration and journeying using simple maps such as street maps, pictorial park maps and orienteering maps. There is a gradual learning progression via One Star (bronze), Two Star (silver) and Three Star (gold) levels with certificates and badges available for achieving candidates.

The Delaware Centre can provide this award to your students, either in-school, at the Centre or whilst on your residential trip for a small additional cost to cover certificates. For more information on how we can deliver this fantastic programme for you, please call.

The awards are aimed at all age groups and abilities. The Young Navigator Star courses are fantastic for youngsters to actively learn outside the classroom, and the Gold level is often used as a lead-in for the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award.

The syllabus content is structured to allow flexible teaching approaches to suit the candidates and type of maps available locally. The syllabus outline below indicates the main intentions at each level.

One Star Award - Bronze

  • Make simple maps of interior and exterior building features
  • Undertake journeys around the inside and outside of a building using a map
  • Orientate the map at different locations

Two Star Award - Silver

  • Follow a defined route around a large school grounds or small park using prominent paths or tracks
  • Orientate the map against handrails and major point features at regular intervals
  • Understand the use of basic map symbols
  • Discover and investigate points of interest during the journey

Three Star Award - Gold

  • Plan and follow a journey around a large area using prominent paths, tracks or roads
  • Identify prominent collecting features on map and ground
  • Discover and investigate points of interest during the journey
  • Understand basic walking safety issues


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