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Delaware Activity Days

Open canoeing in ‘Canadian’ canoes

We use stable canadian canoes, the perfect craft to introduce you to the delights of canoeing. Sessions take place on sheltered pools, lakes or rivers depending on ability and the time made available for the activity within your activity schedule.

For beginners we recommend visiting our friendly local pond in the beautiful Kit Hill country park. Here we will introduce you to the basic skills of canoeing, playing fun confidence building games, normally resulting in plenty of wet fun. 

For the more advanced or confident canoeists we can take you further afield to larger lakes or even the River Tamar for a journey amongst it’s nature and historic banks. 

Open Canoeing at Delaware

Canoe Raft Games

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Outdoor rock climbing and abseiling

Rock Climbing and Abseiling is a great way to build confidence and trust in oneself. We can take you off to one of a range of wonderful outdoor crags.

This activity can be provided either as a half-day session or as a full-day of climbing. As a full day session we can start indoors and then move on to real rock climbing in the afternoon, or to spend the entire day at one of the many nearby rock-climbing venues close to the Delaware Centre.

Climbing Kit Hill

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Indoor climbing with indoor abseiling

Either as a planned session or as a wet weather option, indoor climbing is a fantastic confidence builder amongst young and old alike. With our newly completed indoor climbing barn, which includes 18 ropes (over 50 graded climbing routes), an indoor abseil station and over 40 metres of traverse wall, there is something for everyone no matter what their ability.

Groups looking for progressive skills can combine indoor climbing and then progress onto rock-climbing in a later session. Thus ensuring that maximum potential and experience is achieved by each member of your group.

Climbing Indoors Fun

Indoor Climbing Smile

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Moorland exploration & navigation 

The Delaware Centre is ideally located right between Dartmoor and Bodmin moor. Stunning scenery, dramatic rock formations, 4000 years of human history, wild ponies, skylarks, babbling brooks, natural cave exploration and the good company of your friends nearby. The moors are really one of the most enjoyable days we have to offer, so much more than you may think. 

Let one of our experienced guides safely lead you through the bleak and beautiful moors of the South West. Take your sandwiches, have a picnic and test your nerve as you squeeze through giant granite boulders.

Moorland exploration at Delaware

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Archery is a real favourite amongst just about every visitor to the Delaware Centre. A steady hand, a good eye and a patient mind are all the skills that you will require during this most ancient of activities.

Probably best as a half-day session, we will coach you, organise competitions and play archery games throughout the activity, to help bring out the archer in everyone.

Archery at Delaware

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Orienteering is a great sport that involves so much more than just running. With the combination of navigation skills, strategy, planning and then some cunning running to lead you to your destination, orienteering proves an exciting session for all.

We have several permanent courses and an assortment of orienteering games here at the Delaware site, and then at a local historical site just a short walk from the Centre we can extend the orienteering experience into the countryside.

Other orienteering venues can be accessed through the Delaware Centre, please enquire about how orienteering can be brought into your activity programme.

Orienteering at Delaware

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Mountain biking

We have a fleet of mountain bikes here at the Delaware Centre, suitable for all ages 8 years and above. One of our more popular sessions is the onsite mountain bike challenge that has something for everyone, regardless of experience.

With our collection of ramps, cones and sea-saws, along with some steady coaching we will soon have you weaving, jumping and spinning around the field, discovering biking skills that you didn’t even know you had.  

After an exhilarating onsite Mountain Biking session we can even take your group out to one of the many local biking trails local to Delaware to practice your new skills. Speak to the Delaware team if you feel that your group may benefit from this extended mountain biking experience.

Mountain Biking at Delaware

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Gorge walking

Just about as wet as you can get. Gorge walking is a very exciting and totally fun experience that leaves you with bubbling with memories. Scrambling up a fast-flowing river, jumping into deep pools, sliding down rapids and climbing up through the waterfalls is the name of the game.

We will provide you a wet suit, buoyancy aid and a helmet and you can provide the smile. A great way of spending time with your friends as you fight the incessant flow of water.

Please note: To book this activity you will need to select it along with another on-site activity Archery, Orienteering, Indoor climbing. This is so that we can manage your time on the river effectively.

Gorge Walking at Delaware

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Raft building

Six barrels, a dozen poles and a box of ropes and that is all you get. Just how are you going to get across that pond? Of course the instructors are there to help you if you get into trouble but perhaps that’s part of the fun.

Raft building is a great way to see how minds work, how natural leaders evolve and how fast confidence can grow. Learning rope skills, cooperation, teamwork, communication, design, planning and then activity, raft building provides it all.

Raft Building at Delaware

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Team building and problem solving

Sometimes over-looked as an activity that can be done by anyone, the Delaware team bring fresh ideas to the world of team building and problem solving. With our Shackleton’s challenge your team has to re-enact the great journey of 1916 where Shackleton and his 28 crew managed to survive against all odds, in their bid to cross Antarctica from the Weddell Sea coast to the Ross Sea coast.

“Communication, consideration and care”- work as a team or become the leader to solve the physical and mental challenges set on this task.

Team Building and Problem Solving at Delaware

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Survival Skills

Survival skills is a multi-activity event including; Shelter building, signaling, fire lighting, water filtration and more. What survival skills will you take away with you when you leave? Get involved with the action as your team build themselves a shelter from the rain-storm, signal for help and light a fire to cook your marshmallows whilst awaiting rescue. 

Water Filtration

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