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Every year thousands of students and group members pass through our doors to undertake their adventures. The setting and location for each of our centres has been carefully chosen to take advantage of all that Cornwall has to offer.

Our activity centres comprise three year-round residential outdoor education Centres and an additional seasonal camp site on the Isles of Scilly. 

Whether you are looking for a fully-catered outdoor education experience or a self-catered self-guided experience then we have the venue, location and products to ensure that you get the best from your stay.

Who can book our Centres?

In addition to our school provision we are always pleased to hear from any social/family groups that may be looking for that little bit more space that you get with large residential centres. We are happy to take enquiries from anyone needing some time and space away from their normal environment to enjoy a new part of the world with people they want to share adventures with. Please browse the Centres pages to see what catches your eye.

Our Residential Centres Adventurous Side

Each of our year-round residential Centres provide adventurous activities in their local environments from Canoeing to Coasteering, or Mountain Biking to Rock Climbing. Each Centre is a holder of their own independently assessed AALS Licence and a team of highly qualified staff to deliver your bespoke activity programme.

If you don't need a residential experience but would like to participate in one of our adventurous activities then we offer a day-activity service to anyone that would like to take their group into the wider outdoors. Please browse our Centre's experience pages to see what they can offer you.

Leadership Training Courses

Each Centre can also provide training and experiences for adults wanting to extend their learning in leadership skills and adventurous sports. If you are interested in finding out more of what we have to offer please browse of courses tab in the top navigation bar of this site or contact our administration team to be put onto the course you need.